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The QueenS Auction

Many may think we are nothing more tan a pretty face to look at. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have thoughts, emotions feelings and skills that many others need help to develop.

How would you like to pick our brains and grab some advice that has helped to make us who we are, all while helping a good cause? We ♛ The QueenS ♛  have put our styling and makeover skills up for grabs with special one on one sessions, to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research and Cure.

Bid  to spend 2 hours with us are currently open and will be going until the 29th of October with the final bids and close of the Auction. Help us support people all over the world to save their Breast. Please come visit our Castle and choose The Queen you would like to spend some time with !!

♛ The QueenS ♛ Castle and Event it is now open for visit and bids !

* Auction are for 2 hours of consulting with selected Queen for Second Life Avatar reshape or styling (Skin, cloths and or accessories are not included and will not be provided)

100% of all donations and tips get forwarded to MAKING STRIDES Against Breast Cancer across SECOND LIFE


Queen Nicey Wildrose by Skip Staheli

Self Exam a simple gesture that can save lives. Skip Staheli choosed Queen Nicey Wildrose to be in his amazing creation and contribution to The QueenS  for “Seasons of Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness!!

Nice~Pink Ribbon (1).jpg and logo


Photo by Sponsor Skip Staheli
Crown by Sponsor Chop Zuey



Photo by Sponsor Skip Staheli
Crown by Sponsor Chop Zuey